Translational Nanomedicine international meeting

27,28,29th August 2014

Faculty of medicine, Angers, France

  • August, Wednesday 27th
  • August, Thursday 28th
  • August, Friday 29th


Session 1



Topic introduction



  • Welcome Talks : UA Research Vice President, Hospital Director, Town representative


  • Scientific opening : Jean-Pierre Benoit, Frederic Lagarce, Arun Kumar



  • Plenary lecture : Barriers to overcome to allow nanomedicines to reach the market (Ruth Duncan, Cardiff, UK)




Coffee Break and poster session 15h45-16h15



Session 2


( 16h15 - 18h45 )

Futur of nanomedicine ressources and fundings



  • US National cancer Institute's model for multi-disciplinary research in cancer nanotechnology (Piotr Grodzinski, NIH, NCI alliance for nanotechnology, USA)


  • European FP7 and future projects (Heico Frima, European comission, Brussels, Belgium )


  • European project FP7, TransINT (Maria José Alonso, Santiago de Compostela, Spain)


  • European project FP7, FORMAMP (Patrick Saulnier, U Angers, France)


  • NanoFar European doctorate (Frank Boury, U Angers, France)




7pm Welcome reception




Session 3


( 8h30 - 10h15 )

Clinical and preclinical applications of nanomedicine


8h30 - 9h15

  • Development of Targeted Nanoassemblies for the Treatment of Cancer
  • (Steven Libutti, A Einstein College of medicine, USA)


 9h15 - 9h35

  • Miltefosine lipid nanocapsules for single dose oral therapy of schistosomiasis mansoni 
  • (Alyaa Ramadan, U Alexandria, Egypt)


9h35 - 9h55

  • Peptide Nanofibers for siRNA delivery in specific brain region
  • (Mariarosa Mazza, U Manchester, UK)


9h55 - 10h15

  • Comparison of passive, active and magnetic targeting of tumors by theranostic nanoparticles
  • (Nathalie Schleich, UC Louvain, Belgium)




Coffee Break and poster session 10h15-10h45



Session 4


( 10h45 - 12h55 )

Green technologies and environmental aspects applied to nanomedicines


10h15 - 11h30

  • Green nanotechnology – Implications in nanomedicine for the creation of holistic integrative medicine (HIM)
  • (Kattesh Katti, USA)


11h30 - 12h15

  • Supercritical fluid in nanomedicine
  • (Enersto Reverchon, U Salerno, Italy)


12h15 - 12h55

  • Acute Toxicity and Influence of Gender, Time, and Route of Administration on the Biodistribution of PEGylated Gold Nanorods in BALB/C Mice
  • (Amira Gamal-Eldeen, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt)


12h45 - 13h05

  • Aromatic and terpenic compounds loaded in lipidic nanocapsules: activity against multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii assessed in vitro and in a murine model of sepsis
  • (Angélique Montagu, U Angers, France)






13h00-14h00 : Lunch



Session 5


( 14h00 - 16h05 )

New applications of nanomedidine



  • Nanosized therapeutics as sequestering agents
  • (Jean-Christophe Leroux, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)


14h45 - 15h05

  • Tetraphenylporphyrin and Tetraphenylchlorin Nano-Conjugates for Photochemical Internalization
  • (Mar Masson, U of Iceland, Iceland)


15h05 - 15h25

  • Polyplex based on polycarbonate polymer for an efficient delivery of anti-angiogenic siRNA
  • (Antoine Frère, U Liege, Belgium)


15h25 - 15h45

  • Co-delivery of siRNA and ferrocifen-based drugs by lipid nanocapsules for melanoma treatment
  • (Pauline Resnier, U Angers, France)


15h45 - 16h05

  • Colloid-based Drug Delivery Systems
  • (Maria Soler, U Brasilia, Brazil)




Coffee Break and poster session 16h05-16h35



Session 6


( 16h35 - 18h45 )

Regulatory requirements and technology transfer in nanomedicine : panel discussion


16h35 - 17h00

  • Regulatory aspects of nanomedicines in the EU: overview of the current status
  • (Sandrine Tinton, federal agency for medicines and health products, Belgium)


17h00 - 17h25

  • Can we follow existing guidelines to assess the safety of nanomedicinal products ?
  • (Alan Sanh, ANSM, France)


17h25 - 17h50

  • Technology transfer foir innovative medical products:
  • view of Aviesan
  • (Nathalie Manaud, Aviesan, France)


17h50 - 18h45

  • Panel discussion with Sandrine Tinton, Alan Sanh,
  • Ruth Duncan, Nathalie Manaud








Session 7


( 8h30 - 10h15 )

Nanomedicine from bench to bedside


8h30 - 9h15

  • From physical to chemical encapsulation: a new paradigm for the design of more efficient nanomedicines
  • (Patrick Couvreur, U Paris XI, France)


 9h15 - 9h35

  • Nanomedicine for Improved Efficacy of Tuberculosis Drugs 
  • (Rose Hayeshi, CSIR, South Africa)


9h35 - 9h55

  • Transcriptionally Targeted Nanoparticles for Cancer Gene Therapy
  • (Helen McCarthy, U Belfast, UK)


9h55 - 10h15

  • Nano-technology: formulation, scale-up and cGMP manufacture for clinical investigation
  • (Stéphanie Greco, Sanofi, Vitry, France)




Coffee Break and poster session 10h15-10h45



Session 8


( 10h45 - 12h05 )

Development of nanomedicine, Industrial point of view and experience


10h45 - 11h05

  • Patent Strategy in Nanomedicine
  • (Tani Chen, Wolf Greenfield, Boston, USA)


11h05 - 11h25

  • Translation of nanomedicine to the clinics in the field of ocular delivery
  • (Hongming Chen, Kala Pharmaceuticals, Boston, USA)


11h25 - 11h45

  • Development of Leucine5-Enkephalin nanoparticles (NM0127) as pain therapeutic
  • (Andreas Schatzlein, Nanomerics, London, UK)


11h45 - 12h05

  • Nanomedicine development: an innovative challenge
  • (Olivier Meyer, Carlina Technologies, Angers, France)








Session 9


( 12h05 - 13h15 )

Preclinical models in nanomedicine


12h05 - 12h35

  • Unleashing the Power of Comparative Oncology Models in Nanomedicine Research
  • (Carolyn Henry, U Missouri, USA)


12h35 - 12h55

  • Selective targeting of polymer nanocapsules for cancer cells vs. lymphocytes: a 3D cell culture study
  • (M Alonso-Nocelo, CIMUS, Santiago de compostela, Spain)


12h55 - 13h15

  • Distribution of Thiamine-Coated Nanoparticles in the Gut Mucosa
  • (Laura Inchaurraga, U Navarra, Spain)





13h15 - 13h30 : Best poster Award and final Word (Arun Kumar, U Delaware USA)



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