Transforming medical needs into new nanomedicine

Thanks to the 150+ attendees for their great participation. This meeting was a success and allowed all of us to progress in the translation of these promising drug products towards the patients.


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27,28,29 AUGUST 2014

Faculty of medicine, University of Angers, France

In this international meeting major keypoints that have to be adressed to bring innovative nanomedicine to the market will be discussed. The meeting will link researchers, medical staff, people from regulatory agencies, industrials to exchange ideas on accelarating the market access of nanomedicines.


Honorary president : Pr. J.P. Benoit - Chair : Pr. F. Lagarce - Co-chair : Dr. A. Kumar

European Journal of Nanomedicine

A special issue covering the meeting highlights and research articles related to the communications of the meeting will be published in the European Journal of Nanomedicine. Visit De Gruyter

2 fellowship grants of 300€ + a free registration to the meeting will be accorded based on the quality of absract submission and a motivation letter to send via the "contact us" form

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Translational nanomedicine international meeting

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